What Is The Use Of UKCA Mark In UK

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assisted) mark is a new regulation for marking products made in the UK, which is used in the UK market in place of the CE marking.

Until the UKCA brand becomes available from 1 January 2021 (although manufacturers are allowed to label their products with the UKCA mark (based on an appropriate assessment)) to give companies time to adapt, CE-marked goods that comply with EU-Compliant requirements will continue to be used for placed on the UK market January 2022 with EU and UK requirements remaining the same. You can consider the best services of CE marking after Brexit bluedicesolutions.co.uk/ce-marking-steel/.

Here are some points mentioned o be considered.

1 based on the above, will the UK accept CE marked goods?

Yes, for a limited time. CE marked goods will be accepted on the UK market until 1 January 2022. CE-tested products must be issued by an EU official body.

2. Can the same body assess and certify products for UK and EU imports?

No, however, the CSA Group is one of the few organizations in Europe and the UK that can offer entry-level solutions, especially for products used in hazardous areas (Area Ex) due to our position as a leading testing and inspection company – and certification company. UKCA assessment and certification must be conducted in the UK by a UK accredited body.

3. Is the CSA Group accredited as a UK accredited body?

Yes, Sir. UK-based CSA group entity, Sira Certification Services, accredited by UKAS, UKCA accredited entity (approval number 0518).

4. What is the actual assessment and certification process like?

Devices and components must meet certain standards issued by the UKCA. The evaluation and certification process will be carried out in the same way as currently planned for ATEX for the EU market.

5. What documents are required for the assessment?

The documentation used in the assessment process is based on the CE marking in the EU market, therefore CE marking documents with associated supplements including the UKCA marking should be sufficient.