What Are The Types Of Cellulite?

People call cellulite the ’orange peel skin’ or ‘cottage cheese skin’ because of its look of it. For most women, it is just bad-looking skin, but in worst-case scenarios, cellulite starts causing pain in some women.

First Degree: Soft Cellulite

It refers to the sagginess of the skin around arms, buttocks, thighs, and hips. The sagginess is because of the fat that has accumulated on these body parts. Soft cellulite is also known as flaccid cellulite. You can even get the best treatment for your cellulite problems via cryostarbeauty.com.

The flaccid cellulite is mostly a result of an abnormal fat accumulation in the area. Soft cellulite is more visible when lying down rather than when you are standing. This type of cellulite is not painful when touched, and it feels gelatinous and surging.

The best solution to reduce the appearance of soft cellulite is to adopt a precise healthy diet and workout routine

Second Degree: Hard Cellulite

The hard and compact cellulite is a more severe stage of cellulite. Even toned and fit women might suffer from hard cellulite. The hard cellulite might be slightly painful when touched. 

You can identify hard cellulite by the deep depressions and blemishes on your thighs. It gives off a look of an ‘orange-peel.’ When your cellulite starts to ache or harden, you should consider treating it because it may become more painful. The sooner you start treating it, the better things will be for you.