What are Revetment Walls Used For ?

A revetment wall is a protective covering on an embankment of earth designed to maintain the slope or to protect it from erosion. It is a structure that is designed to protect the shore area from gradual erosion from seawater bashing. It is mostly used in areas where the coastline is vulnerable to the flow of the sea.

Revetments have been in extensive usage in other areas. This structure is also used for the protection of residential buildings that happen to be built along the vulnerable coastline. If you also own a residential property along the coastline then you must hire a professional for revetment wall construction via https://www.coastseawall.com/rock-revetment/.

There are different types of revetments, and each type has its specific functions that differentiate them from one another.

Wake waves repellent

The wake waves are the ones that form as a result of ship activity on the sea. The use of revetments along the banks of waters efficiently beats back this artificial flow of waves toward the shoreline.

Coastal Land Preservation

The revetment is built along the affected coastline to keep the land vulnerable to sea action from further damage. This means that the coastal land areas which are supported by these solid structures are now preserved from further degradation. The revetment is very efficient in this regard as it can withstand the force of waves for an extended period.