Understanding the Benefits of a Back Support Pillow

The back support pillow is a type of an orthopedic pillow that, as the name suggested, provides support to your back. Most people who experience backaches are those who lie down in a very uncomfortable position or sit in one position for a long period of time. If people will use this therapeutic pillow, their back and neck pain will ease considerably.

You can use a back comfort pillow while driving a car or just sitting on a chair. You can bring it with you when you travel for a long period of time. You also need a back pillow for support while sleeping. Here are the different types of back cushions.

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Lumbar Pillow:

Shape like a horseshoe or rectangle, a lumbar pillow helps fill the gap created between the chair and your spine. Most people use this type of pillow while driving because it absorbs the weight that can cause back pain.

A typical lumbar pillow is portable and light. It provides quality support for your cervical neck and head and relieves pressure on your shoulder and neck muscles. This is also useful for sleeping in a seated position. Likewise, a lumbar pillow can be used under the knees for leg elevation.

Donut Pillow:

This pillow features a center hole and is ideal for use by people who suffer from tailbone pain. Pregnant women are prone to develop tailbone pain. This type of pillow provides pain relief, thanks to its central hole design which absorbs the gravitation force, thus eliminating the pressure that causes tailbone pain.