The Power Of The Absolute Auction

An Absolute Auction is a sale where the bidder takes possession of the lot purchased. There are no reserve prices, no bidding increments, and no consignors. The auctioneer is solely responsible for determining the price at which a lot is offered for sale.

Why Have an Absolute Auction?

Nashville absolute auctions are much more than just a way to sell your belongings. In fact, they're a great way to entertain and amuse guests. Absolute auctions are also a great way to raise money for charity or another worthy cause.

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Here's why you should have an absolute auction in your life:

1) Absolute auctions are unique and entertaining. They're like a car auction, but with all of your belongings instead of cars. Guests love coming to absolute auctions because they never know what they'll find. Plus, the bidding is always fun and exciting. You can even auction off items that aren't normally available for sale, such as artwork or jewelry.

2) Absolute auctions are great fundraiser events. You can charge admission or set up a raffle for prizes. And since there's no need for advertising, you can easily draw in large crowds. Plus, proceeds from the auction go directly to the charity of your choice!

3) Absolute auctions are perfect for selling off items that you no longer need or want. You can also use them to clear out your closet and attic! Plus, you can auction off items that don't fit into your current lifestyle or home decoration style.