The Essential Guide For Laser Hair Removal

Most clients are familiar with laser hair removal. However, there are many myths and scary stories about the procedure. This guide will help you choose the right laser hair removal method for you.

There are two types of hair removal:

1) Temporary (or taking the hair down to the skin) is called "Depilation". It can be done by shaving, creams, friction, or rubbing the hair away.

laser hair removal

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2) Permanent hair removal, also known as "Epilation", is a method that removes all hair from the root. It lasts longer than a few days and can be repeated several times.

How Laser Hair Removing Works

A trained technician uses the laser in a safe environment to remove unwanted hairs from problematic areas. The laser beams light at a wavelength that focuses on dark skin colors. The laser picks up the pigment in the hair. Even if your hair is blonde, it will appear as dark spots to this laser. The technician uses the laser to target the areas that are being treated.

To minimize damage to the skin and maximize the effectiveness of laser hair removal, it is recommended that every type of hair undergo multiple treatments. You can also visit your nearby offices or go through some online websites to grab more information about laser hair treatment.