The Benefits Of Poly & Bubble Mailers

Mailers can be an excellent alternative to corrugated cardboard boxes. They allow you to ship multiple items and still protect the product. They are available in many sizes and materials and solve many problems associated with material consumption, labor, and shipping costs.

It can be hard to choose the right product for your company. Packaging specialists can help you choose the right product for your business. The basic overview below includes standard poly mailers from CoPack Inc. as well as bubble mailers. There are other options such as flat chipboard mailers, fold-up mailers, and so forth. There are many other options.

Poly Bubble Mailers

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Poly mailers made of polyethylene (plastic) are almost always made from oil and natural gas. Bubble mailers can often include heavy-duty kraft and ground-up newspapers, as well as bubble lining.


Poly and bubble mailers can be used to distribute products economically. It is also an economical way to reduce the use of dunnage or void fill, which leads to material and cost savings.

Reduces Labor: 

Mailers can be a great way of reducing labor and increasing productivity. Mailers can be used in two steps: sealing and packing the item. This reduces time and increases volume production.

Durable Design:

Poly mailers are durable because they are tear-resistant and puncture-resistant. The high-performance bubble-lined mailers provide extra protection and durability.

Protective against moisture: 

Poly mailers are waterproof and water-resistant, helping to prevent product damage.


Many poly mailers are recyclable and often contain post-consumer materials. They can be recycled if they are designed so. Kraft bubble mailers, made of recycled paper content, are durable; they can be recycled.

Variety of sizes: 

There are many popular and practical sizes for poly and bubble mailers.