The Basics of Traditional Stainless Steel Dental Braces

There are a variety of kinds of braces available to aid you in deciding how to get your teeth in alignment. It is important to be aware of the different options and what braces are best suited to your needs in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

The most popular type of braces is stainless steel. Brackets that attach to your teeth are made from stainless steel. Additionally, the archwire is made from stainless steel. Modern steel or silver braces for teeth have smaller brackets than those available in the past. A lot of teenagers and adults utilize the color-coordinated rubber band options to enhance their appearance and give the braces more personal to them.

Braces with gold plating are typically made of stainless steel, however, they come with the gold overlay. It is often an aesthetic choice whereby they might be more inclined to wear a gold-colored look on top of the stainless. It is also used for patients who may suffer from an allergy to nickel, which can be found inside stainless steel.

Braces are not gold-plated for two reasons. The first is the cost It could be very expensive If the wires and brackets were made from only 24k pure gold. Another factor is the durability and durability of gold. Braces with gold plating give you the strength of stainless steel, while also retaining the beauty of gold.

Talk to your dentist or Orthodontist about any concerns or suggestions you might have.