The Barista Hiring Strategy at Your Workplace

So often, the barista at a cafe and workplace is overlooked or undervalued. In this article; we will discuss the importance and expectations of a barista in a café or workplace.

In many cases, the barista is the best way to establish a connection with customers. This connection can be extended to other products in the cafe, and eventually your cafe as a whole. 

Coffee drinkers now have a better understanding of coffee.  They can judge the confidence of the barista and see how great their coffee is. There is no room to make mistakes when customers are the most knowledgeable about coffee-making. It is important to make a good first impression.

When you hire a barista, ask them to make a couple of quick coffees using one of your machines. You can also easily hire the best coffee barista services in Singapore via

The Definition and Job Description of a Barista

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Ask them to make a cappuccino and a latte. These coffees are everyone’s favorite because they require perfect milk for a great presentation. This gives them the chance to impress you with their latte art and flair. 

During this demonstration, you should be looking for these things:

  • Do they leave too much grind in the grinder? If so, do they clean it after each coffee demonstration?
  • Before locking the machine onto the machine, do they clean the port filter lip and lug nuts?
  • After heating the milk, do they clean the steam wand?
  • Did they ever use a pedestal to stretch the milk?
  • Are their coffees perfect?

It is strange how customers judge a barista and their coffee.