Select Polystyrene Recycling For Construction Industries

Expandable polystyrene (EPS) and other industrial styrofoam contain 98% air, which makes them very bulky by weight. Due to their large volume, products made from these materials fill containers quickly, leading to significantly higher disposal costs.

Waste reduction is a priority for many businesses and communities as the impact of consumer waste becomes much clearer. You can contact to buy eps recycling machines that have been implemented in many industries. Now you can find programs to recycle paper, aluminum, plastic bottles, EPS, and industrial Styrofoam.

The high cost of transporting polystyrene waste makes recycling companies reluctant to recycle. Companies that receive large quantities of EPS foam (especially in packaging) can invest in sealants that reduce product volume. 

Companies value recycled materials because they can be used to make a wide variety of products. Recycled EPS is used to make items such as photo frames, plastic wood, and packaging. Businesses today pay huge sums of money for polystyrene recycling because it's worth more than some metal, glass, paper, and other recycled materials.

Recyclers pay more for sealed products, making investments relatively easy to amortize. There have also been breakthroughs in EPS recycling studies, although most are still in the research or pilot stages. Avoid cutting or breaking the EPS into several pieces to reduce the spread of dust or debris.