All About Short Term Medical Insurance

Short-term medical insurance is a type of insurance that is designed for individuals and families who are generally healthy. This provides an affordable way for them to transition from one event to another without possessing a full health plan. 

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Of course, this type of medical insurance plan is only a quick fix, a temporary solution. Usually, this health insurance would last for around one to 6 months. You may renew it for 36 months. 

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When you fill-up your application form, you have to make sure that you answer all questions honestly. Make sure also that before you buy any policy, you read all the exclusions and limitations of the plan.

Needs of Health Insurance:

* People who are in between jobs.

* People who are temporarily unemployed.

* People who have just started out with their new job and are still waiting for their company's health benefits. Short-term health insurance may fill the gap while you wait for your new health plan.

* College graduates. A lot of new graduates are still looking for a job. As they apply, they may get short-term insurance to cover the time when they are already out of the school's coverage and not yet covered by a company's health plan.

* People who are waiting to get approved for standard health insurance coverage. Since standard health insurance would take longer to process. You may get short-term insurance during the time that you are waiting.