Resiliency – How To Bounce Back From Any Setback

Success is not measured by how often you are ousted; it is measured by whether you decide to wake up or not. Your life is like a book – but this is non-fiction, not a fairy tale. Some chapters contain stories of great success and happiness, while others contain stories of failure and sadness.

Many of the unpleasant events that happen to us in life are things we do to ourselves. Others, such as a lightning strike or the end of a freeway, are events over which we have no control. You can also visit https:/ to get the best resilience coaching in Canberra.

Tips for building team resilience

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Do you get out of the car and curse yourself, the road, the autobahn, and how rotten your life is, or do you check the damage and fix the tires or call for damage help? 

Whichever reaction you choose, you still face the same challenge – a flat tire. You choose to feel sorry for yourself or you choose to solve the problem and move on with your life. Which reaction brings you more?

Bad experiences can also add to your life if you learn to respond to them appropriately. For years, the outside world has programmed us to respond to experiences in certain ways. Your parents, friends, teachers, coaches, and neighbors have shaped your reaction style.

How do you want it: a bouncing ball that bounces higher than the height it was dropped from? Or a playground ball that is flat and doesn't bounce at all? Anyone who wanted to increase their stamina had to starve first.