If you're a makeup enthusiast teenager This article is ideal for you! What should you do first? What should you apply? Start with just one product at a time and then you can add other products as you get more at ease. Choose and select what's right for you in order to create your personal look. You can buy the best quality makeup for teens via Petite ‘n Pretty.

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We all have imperfections or blemishes on our faces that we'd rather hide! You can hide these spots by using concealer properly. If you're just beginning to use makeup, avoid the entire foundation and apply some concealer to make your skin appear more even. 

We suggest lightly dusting the t-zone area to reduce oil production. It is also possible to apply powder over the concealer to stop it from sagging. If you suffer from dry skin, good news! You don't need to do this step!

Mascara is the ideal cosmetic product to start your collection. It's simple to apply and quick however it makes an enormous impact. 

Once your eyes are looking gorgeous, it's time to look at your lips! Lip glosses are the easiest lipstick to apply and also add a stunning shimmer to your lips. Keep your most-loved color of lip gloss in your locker or purse for a quick touch-up during the day!

As a teenager who's just beginning to discover the beauty world, try these simple makeup products to improve your appearance without overdoing it! Keep in mind that it's simpler to add more products than to get rid of products.