Foam Coolers Are The Best Gadgets For Summer

A foam cooler is one of the best gadgets for summer. They’re lightweight and portable, so you can take them with you anywhere. However, it can be difficult to always remember to take your own large drinks to your destination. That's where an end-all, be-all foam cooler comes in handy.

Plus, they keep your food and drinks cold for hours at a time. Here are some of the benefits of using a foam cooler: 

1. They’re convenient – You can take your foam cooler with you wherever you go.

2. They’re lightweight – Foam coolers are much lighter than ice chests, so you can carry them around easily.

3. They’re durable – Foam coolers are built to last, so you can use them year-round. Click over here  to know more about foam coolers.

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4. They keep your food and drinks cold – Foam coolers are able to retain cold temperatures for hours at a time. This prevents your food from going bad and makes it easier to drink cold beverages without having to worry about ice melting.

5. They’re affordable – Foam coolers are relatively affordable, so you can get one for every member of your family.

Here's how to make your own foam cooler:

1. Get a large container that can hold enough water or ice to fill the cooler. You can use a plastic storage container, a large bowl, or even a water bottle.

2. Cut up some foam insulation material into small pieces (about 1-inch square). You can buy this material at most home improvement stores or online.

3. Add enough water or ice to fill the container and mix in the foam insulation material. Be sure to mix everything well so that the foam is evenly distributed.

4. Place the container in the sun or in a cool place until the foam has formed. The colder the place is, the faster the foam will form.