Choose the Right Childcare in Olympic Park

Childcare is something that every parent should consider at some point in their child's growing years. This guide contains a list of standard questions every parent should ask to help them evaluate the best childcare for their child.


Is the center licensed or registered? It is crucial to make sure that the center complies with all local ordinances. A childcare in Olympic Park can be licensed to properly operate within the local ordinances.

Center Access

Is there 24/7 access to the center or are there limited hours of operation? Very important for working parents who have odd work hours or schedules. Is there a policy for drop-in or pick-up? It is a good idea to ask ahead if there are any fees to pay for dropping off the child or picking him up. Many child care centers have strict deadlines for picking up their children. They also charge fees for late pick-ups.


How can teachers and parents contact one another? Are there pagers or cell phone numbers? In the event of an emergency or busy number, are backup numbers in place? In the event of an emergency, the center must provide the full name and contact information of both the teacher and director. Are there parent training or meetings? Parents should have the opportunity to talk with their children at any time. This applies to all times, not just when you have to pay the bill.