A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Digital Thermometers

Everyone is familiar with the "old" thermometer, which consists of a small glass tube filled with red mercury with a small round container at one end. Due to the health risks of mercury and the general inaccuracy of these types of thermometers, most of them have been discontinued and replaced with digital devices. 

Non-Contact Digital thermometer use advanced thermal sensor technology combined with infrared sensors to measure body temperature. This level of variability makes it difficult for users to understand the best way to get an accurate reading and the specific type of thermometer that best suits their needs. 

Ear Thermometers: Ear thermometers are becoming more and more common. This type of digital thermometer is very fast and easy to use, provides accurate readings in seconds, and is also convenient and non-invasive.

Oral, axillary, and rectal thermometers: While they may be less convenient than ear thermometers, they consistently provide more accurate readings.

Point Thermometer: Obviously, the use of the point among users is much more limited. However, taking your baby's temperature is undoubtedly one of the smartest and easiest ways to use it. Another great thing about these thermometers is that they have a built-in memory feature to save previous readings for review and comparison later.

There are many different types of digital thermometers available and it is always best to do thorough research on which device to buy based on your needs and the experiences of other customers.