Know About A Human Leptin ELISA Kit

Leptin, a long-chain 167 amino acid protein hormone, has important effects on body weight, metabolism, and reproduction. Leptin has a mass of approximately 16 kDa and is encoded by the obese gene (ob). Adipocytes are the main source of leptin. This is consistent with the notion that body weight can be defined as the total body fat. 

Leptin is also secreted in smaller amounts by cells in the epithelium and stomach. Leptin receptors are high in areas of hypothalamus that are important for regulating body weight. They also appear in T lymphocytes, vascular endothelial and other cells. You can easily buy a human leptin Elisa equipment to measure endogenous protein levels.

Leptin has a direct effect on body weight through its effects on hypothalamic centres that regulate eating behavior, hunger, body temperature, and energy expenditure. Leptin regulates food intake, energy expenditure, adiposity via hypothalamic Leptin receptors. 

Research has shown that leptin plays a role in hypertension, obesity, anorexia, and insulin resistance. Leptin also has thermogenic properties and regulates enzymes for fatty acid oxidation. Defects in the production of leptin can lead to severe hereditary obesity in humans and rodents.

The Human Leptin solid phase sandwich ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay), measures the amount of target bound between a matched pair of antibodies. The microplate has pre-coated the target-specific antibody. The wells are then filled with samples, standards, and controls that bind to the captured (immobilized) antibody.