Advanced Chat Bot Technologies

A website chatbot is a program designed to perform an online chat session, rather than providing direct human interaction by giving hand-held direct contact with another human being. This chat bot could be an automated system that would perform the duties of different chat operators, including typing, receiving and sending messages, commenting on the topic being discussed and joining discussions. Such programs also allow users to change their settings, such as language and time. This feature has made the use of these chat bot programs quite popular on social networks and other interactive platforms.

Currently, these chat bots are mostly produced by a division called "Carnegie Mellon University" which uses the artificial intelligence to power such programs. The logic of these chat bots run on different types of technology. For example, if the user types something in the chat bot's text box, and the bot receives commands, it could interpret this information in many ways. Based on the input it gets, the bot could decide whether it should type further messages, or move on to a different topic.

Of course, this does not mean that all chat bots will react the same way to various situations. In fact, there are currently three types of chat bots, namely the ones that answer questions based on certain pre-programmed "answers", the ones that are able to converse with other chat bots, and the ones that participate in live conversations with other users. These three types each have slightly different goals in mind. For example, the answering question bot is geared towards trying to find specific keywords and phrases in the chats that it receives and then using these words to answer most of the queries that it receives. On the other hand, a conversational bot is intended to become a personal friend of a user, and once it becomes friends with the user, the bot will try to look out for opportunities to chat.

If you are an advertiser, this could be a great opportunity to test your product's viability on the internet. For instance, if you are selling a mobile phone, you can use a chat bot to ask random questions and monitor the response rate of your campaign. You can then adjust your ad campaign accordingly, based on the success of your test campaign. Apart from the above mentioned use, artificial intelligence (AI) chat room programs may also be used to filter the chats to separate the important ones from those that do not meet your needs. An example would be if your product requires that the user answer some kind of survey before buying the product, you can run a chat bot that will only send the relevant surveys to the right user, based on his/her responses.

Since there are many different artificial intelligent chat bot technologies available in the market at present, it is necessary that you find the right one for your project. The first thing you can do is to search on the web for different chat bot technologies, e.g. chat bot from Microsoft, Apple in Chat, Microsoft Zune. There are many such technologies available.

The most popular chat bot technology used is the one that uses a form of natural language processing, like Ruby on Rails and Java. These technologies make use of the natural vocabulary of humans and allow the use of pre-written messages that are easy to understand, by the use of text-to-speak facilities, for instance, Microsoft Zune. With these technologies, it is easy to make the bot adaptable to various kinds of situations, where in a real-life situation, it may be quite difficult to change the way the bot speaks to users, due to cultural and linguistic differences.

Another very advanced technology that is being used now-a-days in Google chat bot is the MLQ. This technology allows Google chat bots to use statistical methods of decision making, based on commonalities found between two users. For instance, if two users are located near to each other and know each other well, the bot may consider that as a positive factor, even if they are not really close to each other. If they are from different parts of the world or speak different languages, or are of different ethnicities, etc., all these can be considered factors, and will help the bot decide better what to do.

These technologies used by the website chatbot developers are very helpful and give the users a better experience. They are designed in such a way that they are able to pick the best options, and rarely mess up the conversation. Also, due to the sophisticated way these are developed, they minimize the chances of creating conflicts. Another very interesting aspect is that, the artificial intelligence of these technologies ensures that the chat bot does not behave in a harmful manner. In fact, sometimes they can even come out positive for the user. Due to these technologies, it is now possible for the user to socialize, enjoy and even get help from chat bots, while interacting with others.