For a long time, blockchain technology was used only to support cryptocurrency however, it is being discovered that blockchain is able to provide an array similar to the features that it has brought to currencies unmatched security, complete transparency, reduced costs, and much more.

For those who struggle with this concept, there is no one else to blame. Blockchain is only in digital form and can make it difficult to grasp the bigger image. The most appropriate way to define blockchain is that it is an open record-keeping device that records P2P interactions that are verified and later recorded in the record. You can get more information on blockchain trading procedure from various online resources.

The ledger, however, is not tied to any single hub but is instead distributed over an uncentralized network, making it impervious to corruption.

The idea behind the initial thought was to make payments, and then use the decentralized network as a method to resolve all of the problems that arose from traditional banking. It also manages the flow of capital through a ledger that is public to eliminate intermediaries and give autonomy to the individual. 

Today, we know that the use of a decentralized ledger will not only facilitate monetary transactions and exchanges of any type, including data exchanges for kind-curating, executing agreements or automating repetitive tasks.

In the past, Oracle NetSuite announced the launch of Oracle Blockchain Cloud, offered as a complement to their existing offerings, which include ERP solutions HR and payroll solutions, as well as PSA services. 

NetSuite utilizes its blockchain compatibility as a way of enhancing the current services to help businesses that are interested in this technology, and also interested in staying as a NetSuite customers.