Why Choose One of the Best Bedside Cribs?

A modern crib can be an amazing improvement over a traditional wooden crib. The fact that they can be easily fitted in a small amount of space and offer the same amount of protection as a traditional crib is very attractive. However, there are many things you need to consider when buying a bedside crib. First of all, you need to decide whether to buy one designed specifically for infants or one designed for older children. If you choose to buy an infant bedside crib, you will find that most of them are built for newborns and smaller children.

6 months and older bedside cribs are available. These tend to have less height than the cots used for toddlers and pre-teens. However, they still offer the same level of safety. A bedside crib attaches to the side of your bed on the bottom, so that you are effectively lying next to your child but not sharing a bed or a bedding surface with him/her. Some of these bedside cribs even have a separate sleeping area attached to the side.

It can be quite a nuisance to deal with a fussy baby. It can also be quite a hassle to get your child out of bed each day and back into the nursery before bedtime. With an infant bedside crib, this no longer has to be a problem. With a bedside model, you can place the sleeping area next to the door, so that you do not have to fuss with your fussy baby trying to get out of bed and into the nursery before you have to let them back in.

One of the main advantages of having a bedside crib is that it allows you to move the baby to a new sleeping position quickly. You do not have to remove the crib completely. Just pick it up, take it down, and then put it back together. In fact, some bedside cribs have the sleeper unit hidden inside the main bed frame, which means that the child is safely stored out of sight and out of the way, giving you more time to spend with your family. In addition, the bed is much more stable, allowing you to easily turn it and flip it without stressing your back.

Another important feature of a bedside crib is a safety feature. Since a child will not be sleeping alone in a strange environment, a safety gate automatically closes when the child is fastened into the crib. The gate prevents the child from exiting the crib while you or another adult is fast asleep. In addition, if the gate automatically closes, this also offers additional protection against suffocation or rollovers.

A bedside crib may also come with a built-in, white noise device. Studies have shown that a crib with white noise output works best for babies who fuss during their sleeps. White noise is just like the sound you might hear if you were in a quiet room with no television, radio, or any other distractions. The theory behind this is that if you are trying to relax, then the distraction of other people's voices will only serve to make you feel tense.

Many parents also choose to purchase a bassinet for their child's room because it can convert into a toddler bed as well. Bassinets are not just for growing babies anymore. You can purchase bassinets made to fit cribs designed for toddlers and young children. These convertible cribs feature side rails and safety rails that can transition from a full-sized bassinet to a toddler bed. Bassinets come in different sizes, including crib size, so make sure you shop around to find the right size for your child's room.

Whichever style of bedside crib you choose, make sure it is a product that will last. Most cots can last up to twenty years. If you find one that has only been used for a few years, then it is probably too old. You should definitely purchase a quality product that will last a long time. However, if you are concerned about durability, you can look into bassinets with only one side separating the crib and the side rails, which will allow for longer use.