Sex Therapy to Build Intimacy

Sex therapy comprises mostly consists of counseling and “homework” where different experiences are tested and new techniques are mastered. If the clients are too anxious or unwilling to experiment with methods, couples therapy, systems approaches, prescription medications, and psychodynamic therapy can be tried also.

Modern sex therapy typically starts with instructions to “sensate concentration.” The pressure to get an orgasm, maintain an unrestricted erection, or extend sexual intimacy is removed. Instead, partners or individuals are advised to take the time to indulge in a massage or one another in a comfortable setting, and not to pursue any sexual goals. If you have any sex issues, feel free to contact a sex therapist via

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Here are a few contemporary tantric techniques that are suitable for couples of any age:

Build intimacy with a gentle touch. Modern Tantrism is focused on the delicate physical harmony between couples. The lovers lie in a spoon-like fashion on their backs and then gently breathe in synchronization. The outsider, also known as the one who is nurturing, puts his left hand in the center of his lover. By placing the left side of his hand against her forehead the image of sending energy and love from his heart through his arm and into her heart via the out-breath. In breaths the energy is drawn out of her forehead, and then into her body, creating an endless circle.

Concentrate on connection, not orgasm. A lot of sex therapy has been focused on orgasm. A lot of women who were previously unhappy have been liberated by this process, but it also made sexual intimacy an enormous undertaking, making orgasm the ultimate goal of sexual intimacy, and defined every other sexual activity as “the of not being able to experience sexual pleasure.