Round Stainless Steel

What is round steel?

Steel round is a type of metal used in the construction industry. It has high resistance to corrosion, which makes it ideal for most outdoor applications. It also has high impact resistance, making it effective for outdoor contact and use. Round steel comes in various colors and is generally used as an architectural or structural material.

Steel round type

Steel round is a type of steel that can be made by curling and cutting flat steel pieces. This is most often used in construction when making frame components, structural support, or structural members. Round steel has the advantage to be stronger than the same size of the plate and can also be thinner than the plate and the price is cheaper.

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Determine whether the steel rotation is right for you

Steel Round is an innovative, hygienic, and cost-effective solution for businesses that want to give their customers a great experience. With steel, coffee is served in a spill-resistant cup and each SIP contains only premium class coffee.


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