Important Features To Look For In Medical Stools

Both doctors and medical assistants use medical stools in almost every setting. It is the most commonly used piece of furniture in waiting rooms, operating rooms, and emergency rooms in hospitals. 

It is useful while seeing patients or performing procedures. These stools are durable, mobile, comfortable, and easy to use. Harkeloffice provides quality medical office stools and furniture at affordable prices.

IBSCGmedical Round medical stool

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Here are some points you should look out for before purchasing a medical stool:

Adjustability – There will be a range of adjustments depending on how frequently the stool is used. A lever is located underneath the seat and allows for the stool's height to be adjusted with a hydraulic lift.

Each stool can also rotate 360 degrees. This makes it easier to reach tools and supplies while working on patients.

Upholstery – Vinyl upholstery is more durable than fabric, which allows for greater wear and abuse in the medical industry.

Wheels – Although the type of wheels included with stools can be overlooked, it is an important aspect that should be considered. Soft casters are recommended on tile or linoleum floors. This will preserve your floor's life and prevent streaks or scratches. 

Glides or locking casters will be the best option for those who don't want to move and prefer to remain in one place.

Height – A stool with the right height adjustment is crucial. Stools that are too low can cause back pain and other discomforts. A stool that's too high can make it difficult for you to sit comfortably and work.

Design – A stool's design is an important aspect of any purchase. Having aesthetically pleasing furniture in your workplace will make it more welcoming and enhance its appearance.