How to Handle Church Wedding Flowers After the Wedding

The question of what to do with the church wedding flowers after the ceremony is many times a quick last-minute decision. Many brides feel that they have served their purpose and should be disposed of, but there is much life still left in those expensive arrangements.

With a little planning before the wedding, the bride has an awesome opportunity to share with others. One of the easiest options is to simply leave the arrangement in the church for the Sunday service. The church may have a flower guild that should be contacted beforehand.

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Some church guilds will take the large arrangements apart and make smaller individual arrangements to be delivered to nursing homes, hospitals, shelters, hospices,s or anyone who could use the gift of flowers to brighten their day.

Kate chose to follow the Royal tradition and leave her bridal bouquet on the grave of a fallen soldier.

Everyone has someone in their lives that would appreciate the gift of flowers. It could be someone who needs to be thanked or is going through a difficult time. It is amazing what a difference in someone's life such a small gesture can make.

Some flowers from the bridal bouquet can be air-dried by hanging the flowers upside down and placed in a warm room for a few days. Just open the end of a paper clip, insert the end into the flower stem and hang from a coat hanger. By hanging the flowers upside down, the leaves will be right side up when dried.