How To Add Filters To Shopify Store

What is product screening?

Product filtering allows you to narrow your search results by size, color, price, and product availability on the ecommerce platform. 

Why should you filter your product?

The patience of online shoppers is no more than 5 seconds. Imagine that you are in a Shopify store and it only takes a few minutes to find the product you want. Product filtering is important to provide a better user experience for customers and shop owners. This makes searching easier and saves time.

shopify product filter & search

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On the other hand, store owners can increase their conversion rate in a way that allows them to filter out eligible products to their customers.

How can you add product filters to your Shopify store?

Shopify provides a showcase filter that can be used to filter products on the collection page. However, you should check the availability of your product filtering theme. 

Does your theme support product filtering?

Shopify store filters are only available for the Online Store 2.0 theme. If you have the Online Store 2.0 theme, that means filtering is supported in your theme. Unfortunately, they are not supported for retro Shopify themes.

You can find out if your theme supports filtering by going to Online Store > Navigation in your Shopify admin. If your theme doesn't support filtering, a message will appear in the Collection and Search Filters section, as shown below.

Allow your customers to filter collections and search results based on product availability, price, color, and more.