Hikaru Utada’s WAP Floods An Entire Room In The Music Video For “Bad Mode”

This will be Hikaru Utada's birthday. Their eighth studio album is streaming on Spotify. Fans have got the full music video for the album's track titled "Bad Mode".

People who live in Uk were able to listen to the track in its entirety at the time midnight, as the album was released on streaming platforms before it was time to release the music video. These days many song videos are released such as Re-debut as BTS sister group! Miyawaki Sakura’s “new visual” was amazing and liked by the audience very much.

Apart from the first reaction 'Wow! this song is amazing (as fans figured it was in light of the first preview) people were curious what would happen to the video as it was flipped to the music. However, it did not disappoint.

A lot of us who are interested in J-pop will be aware that often when we receive small glimpses into music video clips, neither the whole thing (neither the music nor the video) is nothing other than the first glimpse.

It's simply more of the same. This is the expectation we had here. We didn't think for a moment that the entire song would change in the middle and that a tinker was wading through the ocean in the clip, and singing to the center of a Chinese take-out restaurant wearing a tulle skirt, singing.