Get Spray Tan & Slay Services

Spray tans are an economical and effective way to treat your skin without damage. For some, getting it by sitting in the sun is not an option; it's easy to get sunburnt. Many people react badly to the solarium. They are harmful to the skin of certain people. The harmful effect of this method makes people choose fakes. 

More and more people are turning to the spray method to get that summer look as it doesn't take time or pain. You can browse this link to book the spray tan services.

The main ingredient in spray tan is a substance called DHA (dihydroxyacetone). It is a form of sugar that comes from plant sources. It is approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration). It reacts with the amino acids found in the dead cells of our skin. Our skin consists of two layers: the epidermis (outer layer) and the dermis (inner layer).

The effect is in the epidermis. When DHA attaches to skin cells, a discoloration occurs that makes you tan, but every day the dead skin cells are removed to allow new cells to appear and the skin to come with them. That's why the brown color of the spray exposed to the sun gradually fades. Tan lasts about a week.

Air tanning, on the other hand, is done manually by a trained tanning technician. This process allows the technician to ensure that no stain is missed during spray tanning. You can shower about 4 hours after the session.