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Without warning, and believing that the drug is safe for long-term use, many Americans have unwittingly risked cancer by taking generic Zantac or ranitidine. A new study confirms the presence of a cancer-causing toxin called NDMA in generic Zantac. Generic Zantac is sold by a number of different pharmaceutical companies and major pharmaceutical chains, both prescription and over-the-counter.

Generic Zantac Acid not only causes cancer but there is reason to believe that the developers of this drug have long known about the risks. For more than 25 years, millions of Americans have consumed generic Zantac on the daily basis, often by prescription. Drug producers must take responsibility for not warning the public about the cancer risks of the generic drug Zantac.

Aware of the very serious nature of Zantac’s joint claims, there are so many companies that have devoted considerable resources to providing the clients with the best lawyers. To choose the professional ranitidine cancer lawyers visit

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Acidic drugs like generic Zantac have put millions of Americans at risk of fatal cancer through no fault of their own. Consumers are not warned about the risk of cancer, even though drug manufacturers are aware of the side effects of their products. Acid reflux cancer treatment lawyers believe that litigation across the country is the only effective way to seek compensation for the harm caused by these dangerous drugs.

Moreover, it is unfortunate that many pharmaceutical companies are only motivated to become better corporate citizens when they are threatened with litigation. The stomach cancer attorneys are determined to do justice to their clients while giving them the compensation they need and deserve.