Fast And Easy Installation Of The Wireless Charger

Wireless Chargers are the #1 under-desk wireless charger. They can charge through surfaces up to 50mm (1.97") safely and easily. It is easy to build a wireless charging station that can deliver up to 10W of power. You can buy a wireless charging device such as UTS-1 invisible wireless charger for more efficiency and convenience.

Transmission Distance

The phone case can be charged through any non-metal surface with a thickness of 50mm or more. It can support table thicknesses of 1-3 cm (QB06), and 2-5cm(QB21), as well as mobile phone cases made of PC, TPU, and PE.

Induction Speed

It charges wirelessly and automatically, and it can even start and stop charging! Wireless charging is also able to solve connector failures due to multiple plugging or unplugging. It charges at a faster rate than wire charging. It's as simple as that.

Intelligent Recognition

Automatically recognizes different charging modes such as Android 5W, iPhone 7W (fast charging), or Samsung 10W. Low standby power consumption. Fully charging an iPhone 12 takes just 3 hours. This is a 36% improvement over traditional wireless charging.


You don't require power tools, drills, or professional labor to install the Wireless Charger (Qi charger or fast wireless charger). You can install a wireless charging station for your home or workplace in minutes using double-sided tape. You can change the charging point or even sell your table.

The wireless charging technology is flexible and can be used at long distances using loosely coupled wireless charging techniques. It also meets EMI, EMF, and heating requirements.

By taking into consideration the magnetic leakage and coupling coefficient, the optimal coil size and structure have been found to ensure long-range power transmission.