Avoid the Common Mistakes When Choosing a Car Cleaning Service

#1: Selecting a car-cleaning service solely on one phone call

Invite the person to the car and request a quote. You'll be able to see the car and ask for a quote. This allows the car cleaners to identify the vehicle and soil levels, so they can give you an accurate quote.

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#2: Selecting a car-cleaning service that is low in price

Three ways low prices could pose a problem:

  • You may be attracted to low prices by the lure of a phone call. Once the car cleaner begins the job, he will pressure you to purchase a more expensive package.
  • Low prices may be acceptable for "basic" cleaning. The consumer may not know what it means, and will often ask for more detailed cleaning.
  • Low prices can mean that the car cleaner uses cheap chemicals and equipment, which may even be rented. This cannot match the cleaning performance and effectiveness of superior equipment that removes the most soil and contaminants while leaving behind the least residue.

#3: Don't choose a car-cleaning service that offers a money-back guarantee

Each car cleaning company must be held fully responsible for their work. If you're not satisfied with the job, you don't have to spend any money. Period.

#4: Selecting a car-cleaning service without asking for feedback from other clients

Anyone can talk about his past jobs as a car cleaner. Unfortunately, not all of his statements are true. Ask for references and read the comments of customers to ensure you are confident in the work of your car cleaner.