All About STAT3 Antibody

STAT3 is an element of the STAT protein family. When stimulated by cytokines or Growth factors STAT3 gets phosphorylated through Janus kinases that are receptor-associated (JAK) which forms heterodimers or homodimers and then moves into the nucleus of cells which acts as a transcription activator. 

In particular, STAT3 becomes activated after the phosphorylation process of tyrosine 705 reactions to ligands such as interferons, epidermal growth factors (EGF), Interleukin (IL-)5, and IL-6.  You can know more about STAT3 antibodies via

STAT3 Antibody (MA1-13042)

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In addition, the activation of STAT3 could occur through phosphorylation of serine 727 through Mitogen-activated Protein Kinases (MAPK) as well as through the non-receptor tyrosine-kinase c-. 

STAT3 is responsible for the expression of many genes when cells are stimulated and is a crucial factor in a variety of cellular processes, like cell growth and Apoptosis.

Stat3 Antibody (F-2) is a top-quality monoclonal Stat3 antibody that is suitable for identification for the Stat3 protein from mice and rats as well as humans. 

Stat3 Antibody (F-2) comes in the non-conjugated anti-Stat3 antibody version and also in multiple conjugated versions of Stat3 antibody such as agarose, HRP PE, FITC, PE, and several Alexa Fluor conjugates. 

Stat3a can be activated through EGF but not IL-6. The highest level of expression of Stat4 is found in myeloid and testis cells. Stat3 could be found in the nucleus or cell cytoplasm, as demonstrated by immunostaining by using F-2 Stat3 Antibody.